With great appreciation to the support of these generous organizations:

The CCGC brings a variety of cultural programs to Georgetown, such as jazz, opera, art classes, theater productions and most recently, we have begun to have monthly art exhibits.

Our main thrust is what we offer the youth of Georgetown County…kids who will grow into future jobholders and hopefully, leaders in our community. Research shows the arts have a strong, positive impact on learning and that people moving to a new area  seek out a variety of cultural venues for themselves and their families. 

The CCGC provides year-round art classes, and music scholarships, along with a variety of cultural arts performances.   We have art teachers who work with After School Programs in Georgetown, Choppee, Plantersville and other outlying areas, to integrate art as a tool for improving reading and math skills. Sampit Elementary School is the first school in the county to host a Strings Matter Violin Program for students in 2nd through 4th grade.

The CCGC sponsors several fundraisers throughout the year to help fund programs and classes. Your involvement in these activities, along with becoming a member of the Cultural Council, add up to building a stronger Georgetown County community. 

Here’s a Bit More About Us

Leslie Ayres has been Executive  Director of the CCGC for the last 3 years......as a former business owner, and an avid art appreciator/collector, Leslie brings many talents to her main role as the overseer of the administration of the Cultural Council.

Leslie continues to bring new programs and initiatives to the CCGC, along with ensuring there is a solid strategic direction that will benefit Georgetown's communities.

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